Monday, March 1, 2010

Downtown Rising! and PRIZES TO BOOT!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Followers, Friends, One and All,

We at Western General remain excited at the prospect of the continual rising of the the downtown area of our fair Salt Lake City. This video, by Le Printemps Pousse dans mon Coeur, represents the anticipation of such, and we would like to share our enthusiasm with you.
click here to see the video

You may have seen this video playing in public venues on the streets of Salt Lake City, but we feel it is worth providing you the opportunity to view it in the privacy of your own computer screen, whenever you need that extra boost of confidence that our downtown really will rise.


Dennis, the brains behind this catchy little ditty


special prize give-aways to the first 50 "Followers" to sign up on this blog! This contest is open to EVERYBODY -- even friends outside of the USA!

To qualify you must
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2. enter a "Comment" on this blog which tells us about your favorite WGF video (see the VERY bottom of this post -- way down there, yup, open up "Post a comment" Now note your favorite WGF video. Don't be shy. We loooove hearing about our videos!)
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The first 50 people to do so will win a unique prize that pertains to
your personal favorite WGF video!!!

Prizes will be awarded once we have 50 Followers, so if you are feeling impatient, get your friends to sign up too! Information on how to claim your prize will be sent to you upon qualification for such. We promise to make it as easy as we can for you.


  1. My favorite episode is the one where Rob Jones plays the headmaster. ;)

  2. My favorite video is "Free Time." I especially like the part where they are singing and dancing on the bridge.

  3. LZ, you like the episode where Rob appears in silent image (The Very Special Avondale Christmas Special), where he is pelted by frozen snow? or are you referring to his spectacular voice talents as Admiral James T. Benson, when the letter of bad news from the Beaumont Boys Academy is delivered to Mrs. Deverose (The Giant)?

    Stay tuned, If you like Robert Jones, you will soon see and hear him at the same time -- and LOVE IT!...patience, my pretties.

  4. Master Russell,
    We thank you for the praise of the musicians' dance moves. I shall pass the word along to them and they shall surely be moved by your observation and kindness.