Friday, June 25, 2010

New WGF Show! "Dreams about my Mother"

The first installment of an all new series by Western General Facilities!

With Special Guest Star, Respected Journalist, and Performer, Princess Kennedy
Click here for more information on the intriguing and talented Princess Kennedy

Western General Facilities is proud to present the first episode of a fresh new series, entitled, "Dreams About My Mother."

Ever have a dream about your mother? Well, we, at WGF, would like hear about it. You see, this cutting-edge series represents a unique concept where audience and film-maker interact to make a fascinating program. WGF is all about pioneering new concepts and technologies, and this is the heart of "Dreams About My Mother"; recording dreams that our viewers have had about their own mothers.

Tell us about your dream and WGF will re-enact it to create a unique episode in our fresh new series. Of course, your identity will be protected as names and any other personal identifiers shall be changed. Write in now to

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