Friday, February 26, 2010

LOVING PRIZES! Please click ME!!

Western General Facilities loves to give prizes away, and we want to give them to YOU! Announcing special prize give-aways to the first 50 "Followers" to sign up on this blog! This contest is open to EVERYBODY -- even friends outside of the USA!

To qualify you must
1. sign up as a "Follower" on this blog (see right column of this page)
2. enter a "Comment" on this blog which tells us about your favorite WGF video (see the very bottom of this post -- way down there, yup, open up "Post a comment" Now note your favorite WGF video. Don't be shy. We loooove hearing about our videos!)
3. rate and comment your favorite WGF video on the Youtube page (videos can be found at either, or ) This is way easier than you think, just rate the video on Youtube and put a comment on the page where you viewed the video. You could even share it on fb if you want (but that's not necessary for THIS contest!) Troubles? Just ask us. We'll hold your hand

The first 50 people to do so will win a unique prize that pertains to
your personal favorite WGF video!!!

Prizes will be awarded once we have 50 Followers, so if you are feeling impatient, get your friends to sign up too! Information on how to claim your prize will be sent to you upon qualification for such. We promise to make it as easy as we can for you.

You may recognize this here contraption from many of the excellent Avondale episodes. -------------->

It is a regular at the Freedom Medical Center, and even makes an appearance in a new music video by "Le Printemps Pousse dans mon Coeur," called "WHITE BREAD"

If you like niacin, you'll love this new video. Check it
out at click here


  1. Robin Dear,
    The Tornado Lady is a delight and we love Avondale, especially episode 1. Impossible to choose the top fave.
    You are amazing!
    Barb and Chris

  2. I believe in you and love your work. Please be here forever.

  3. Kindness makes one blush, and it is soooo good for the circulation. Thank you.