Friday, July 2, 2010

SLUG & Princess Kennedy visit WGF

Dear Devoted Fans and Friends,
We are happy to announce a new article featuring our Western General Facilities productions. This excellent article, written by Princess Kennedy, appears in the July SLUG magazine. Although WGF must point out that there are some teeny-tiny errors which appear in the article, such can never be helped: it's journalism.

"Princess Kennedy: Dr. Princess of Avondale"
by Princess Kennedy []
Issue 259 / July 2010

Excerpt from the article:
“Our pilot episode of [‘Dreams About My Mother’] features Princess Kennedy and will debut late June or July to coincide with this article. The premise of the show is that viewers write in to tell us about a dream they had in which their mother appears. We re-enact the dream with delicate confidentiality, changing the names and identities to protect the innocent. We encourage readers to write to if they wish their dream to be featured in the sh ow,” Ballard told me. In the episode that I [Princess Kennedy] starred in, I played a doctor that tells a mother that her fully functional 36-year-old is actually ..."
You'll have to read the whole article to discover the exciting conclusion.

More from the article:
"With such a decadent playground, I got the sense that this eccentric duo [Reynolds and Ballard] have many other projects up their sleeves. The possibilities are neverending—so many that I could write a book on them. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve shown friends across the world, all of whom were amazed by the artistic brilliance found here in little old Salt Lake City. Enjoy!
Be sure to check out “Tornado Lady,“ with actual footage of the SLC tornado and “White Bread.” A-mazing!"

Do you wish to discover more about the author of the article,
I must warn our viewers with delicate sensitivities or minors who may be reading this, there are some instances of swearing and sexual imagery in the article about Princess Kennedy.

More about SLUG Magazine? (taken without permission from their presence on fb
SLUG (an acronym for SaltLakeUnderGround) Magazine delivers uncompromising coverage of music, art, action sports and subculture to its readers 12 times a year. Distributing 30,000 copies monthly, SLUG is a regional, free publication based in Salt Lake City and remains one of the oldest independent zines in the nation.

SLUG can be found the first Friday of every month throughout Utah and its surrounding states. Our targeted distribution includes coffee shops, fashion boutiques, record stores, and "any place cool". SLUG is available on every college campus in Utah except BYU.
SLUG Magazine is on newsstands now - and it's FREE! Run and get yourself a copy, then sit yourself down in front of your computer screen and enjoy the all new show from WGF, "DREAMS ABOUT MY MOTHER!"

Post Script: Merci, chere Princesse! A la prochaine.