Friday, February 19, 2010

Not such a good place to start?

It appears as if the VERY beginning is not such a good place to start after all. So we shall do some experimentation here for a while on this blog. When the "Followers" start appearing and the "Comments" start a'rolling in -- We'll know for sure where a very good place to start will be.

So for now beloved fans, those possessing a mild curiosity, innerweb travelers who may have accidentally landed upon this blog, and personal friends who - for the time being - indulge us, we guide you to Western General Facilities' latest musical video. It is a highly danceable ditty by the group Le Printemps Pousse dans mon Coeur, called "White Bread." (Note: our technical advisers have fixed the linking function on this blog so feel free to click on the link below that will take you directly to the video you can't wait to see and share!)

* niacin = la niacine
* fortified = fortifié
* Periodic Table of the Elements = Tableau périodique des éléments
* Niacine is essential to the metabolism of lipids, glucides, and proteines = La niacine est essentielle au métabolisme des lipides, glucides, et protéines
* ZCMI, the white bread that's just like home made = ZCMI, le pain blanc qui est fait comme chez vous
* This bread is delicious = Ce pain est délicieux
*metabolism = métabolisme

We shall soon return to the the exciting story of Avondale...
but don't be patient, use your nervous energy to spread the word
...and thank you. You'll be glad you did ...and so will we


  1. Hello WGF,
    Unfortunately when I cut & pasted the web address onto my thingy it was unsuccesful. And I was so looking forward to viewing the song about bread because I love bread. It is fortunate that I do not have what they call "Celiacs disease" because then I would be unable to eat bread which as I have mentioned, enjoy very much.

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. Dearest Followers,
    We apologize in a most profuse way for the unfortunate instance of the web address that we had posted above not functioning in the manner in which we described. We have consulted our Technical Advisers the links are now functioning. We humbly hope that these newly improved links will lead you to enjoy music and white bread.

    As always, please comment to let us know of any technical difficulties you may experience. Mrs. Ballard's comment above alerted us to the trouble and we were thus able to quickly address the problem. Thank you.

  3. This video is one of my favorites as I was not aware that ZCMI made white bread. Now I have something MORE to look forward to as I visit my family in the Orem/Provo area. Thank you!

  4. Excellent Kim. Now all you have to do is become a follower on this blog. You also have to go to the URL on youtube of your favorite video (White Bread) and rate and leave a comment on the youtube page. We are trying to get as many hints as we can on our youtube page You see, it is a fun little cyberspace scavenger hunt.