Monday, February 22, 2010

The Buzzer

Hello? Is that you, Mrs. Raymond?

See this first exciting episode of Avondale.
This is where the intrigue begins... Click here


  1. Hello to WGF,
    You figure it out! Now show me how to do it.

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. As it turns out, it is very easy. Our Second Technical Adviser Expert, Mr. Tolman, came down to the Western General Facilities Building and gave the Administrators a little lesson. I can show you too!

  3. Which is the episode where Mrs. Devereaux receives a call from Max's school and told of his deeply disturbing artistic proclivities?? That's my fave...

  4. Max has trouble at the Beaumont Academy for Boyse. Admiral James T. Benson sends Mrs. Deverose a sampling of his disturbing art...crack...
    This Episode is called The Giant. Now go visit it on the youtube and comment and rate it there.

    See, we want to get our numbers up on the youtube pages! That's what this crazy excercise is all about. And it's fun. Kind of like a scavenger hunt in cyberspace ;-)

  5. Madame Phoenix,
    This episode, to which you lovingly refer is "The Giant." Poor Max, Poor Mrs. Deverose, Poor Giant... but with all of the twists and turns Avondale takes, you may be surprised if fortune turns in unexpected ways. And thank you for your comment.

  6. Oh, dear. Redundancy strikes again. My apologies to one and all.