Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In honor of Elaine's Birthday

One of Western General Facilities' dearest friends and supporters is celebrating her birthday today. As a special way of saying "thank you" to the lady, we would like to repost AVONDALE, EPISODE 2. In this Episode Elaine does a wonderful job playing "Coughing Lady" at the Freedom Medical Center. I think you will agree.

Love, your friends at WGF


  1. this one doesn't seem familiar to me. how can that be? at work--will have to watch it later. elaine is quite videogenic!

    Julie T.

  2. We here at the WGF agree with your assessment of the photogeniosity of Ms. Elaine Glick, and are hopeful that she might agree to return to our series for a second appearance of "Coughing Lady".

    Thank you for your comment. And have a GREAT day.

  3. How did I not see this until now? I am so honored to be recognized by WGF. The cough lady would be love to return for a second appearance. Thank you , than you! I am blown away!
    love, Elaine